Small Leo Bowl In Blue... made from recycled oil drums upcycling


  • Brand : Moogo-African-Upcycling-Design
  • Product Code : Leo-Ptit-Bol-Diamètre-30
  • Availability: Available


Small bowl "Leo" Ø 30 cm made from recycled oil drums upcycling | different colors....please note the color or colors you want on your order,  thank you soooooo much 

$ USD 36

The bowls are manufactured in Burkina Faso in accordance with social and ecological sustainability. Recycled oil canisters are used as the main raw material to create these modern design objects. The bowl can be used in many ways: whether as a fruit bowl, key holder or just as decoration. Each bowl is individually manufactured and is therefore truly unique!

Diameter: about 30 cm

The product may differ from the picture as it is a handmade unique piece.

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