Designs Chic ’’Deni’’ of the designer Hamed Qauttara


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These are great designs from artists in Burkina Faso,  this designer is the most known and appreciated in the world for his art and paintings,  will be in the art museum in Denver soon, exposed in several museums already, i’m so happy to propose some of his designs to you, more to come up.

Look at the last few pics, from the artist,  his showroom,  the barils before and after 

Hamed Ouattara's artistic training begins at the Olorun Foundation in Ouagadougou, followed by a visit to the ENSCI in France (école national supérieure de création industrial). In the 1990s Ouattara took part in the first collective exhibitions in Ouagadougou and later exhibited as an individual artist for the first time in Grenoble and Brussels, then also in Italy, Eastern Europe and the USA.

As a painter and sculptor, Ouattara developed his style away from initially figurative forms towards abstraction. He successfully tries his hand at canvases and also creates his first furniture. Today, his art manifests itself in the combination of a wide variety of materials : traditional and industrial textiles, oil barrels and industrial sheet metal as well as unusual fabrics, which Ouattara describes as " contemporary witnesses of the modern world and the associated globalization ".

Ouattara's furniture is not only to be understood as an art object in itself, but also as a means/medium to enable young African welders to find work and employment opportunities: social integration through extraordinary art . The starting point is the lack of local production of modern and abstract design in Burkina Faso, while waste materials for reuse can be found on every street corner: A social design project that makes local resources profitable in the most effective way. Local production and valorization of local, African expertise are of particular importance for the artist.


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