Ramie Roan Irish Embroidered Dress with Cotton Lace Details In Moonlight


  • Brand : Magnolia Pearl
  • Product Code : Roan-Dress 889-Lilac
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With layers of hand-wrought detail, deep veneration to the beauty of life, our Roan Irish Embroidery Dress is a soft, simple cherishing - a tribute to meticulous magnificence. Pictured here worn back-to-front, the dress is endlessly customizable to your particular expression. 

European Cotton, Lace & Appliqués, Embroidery, Metal Snaps, Hand-Fading & Distressing

One fit cut, Measures down here

$ USD 560

MEASUREMENTS in Inch :  1 Inch = 2,54cm 

Bust - 44” around

Waist - 41” around

Hips - 56” around

Hem @ Bottom - 140” around

Length - 47”

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