Bracelet M With ’Certified Opal’ Stone OAK Piece Hammerd Brass and White Gold


  • Brand : Arkeology Designs Oak Jewelry Made In France
  • Product Code : Bracelet-Medium
  • Availability: Available


Medium large bracelet With a ’Certified Opal’ Stone..

Madonna with 2 small moon stones on each side  or Christ with 2 small Culturd Stones, each side,  make your choice, 

made on hammered brass and silver, white Gold inside 




$ USD 175


silver, hammered brass, brass, pearls, ancient medals, pagan or spiritual jewelry

Arkeology is the natural culmination of a perpetual quest and love of objects steeped in history.

Made with patience and passion,

every material, every object has been chosen for its experience, its use and its beauty.

Rediscovered, a new life is given to them with always the hand of the man to shape and embellish them.

Sedentary, the world seems to come to us.

Traveler, we discover it much bigger and become insatiable.

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