Parakeet Matilda Love In Patchwork and Embroideries in Appique


  • Brand : Magnolia Pearl
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“If the birds keep on making nests, if they know there will be a tomorrow, then I wanna stick around and see what they’re singing about. That’s who I’m gonna listen to.” - Robin Brown

Wear this elemental optimism with curiosity and, always, love, in our Parakeet Matilda Top.

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$ USD 400

  • European Cotton
  • Raw Edges
  • Hand- Distressing & Fading
  • Quiltwork Details

Each Magnolia Pearl item is cut "One Size Fits Most". 

Bust - 24" across 48" around
Hem @ Bottom - 26"across 50"around
Length - 24"
Sleeve - 8.5"

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