• Magnolia Pearl

    Magnolia Pearl Designer and Owner Robin Brown is a Beautiful Art wear 

    Not Commun designs and High quality  Her devise is Perfection in Unperfection ????

    About the fabric ~ even the pieces made in India are brought back to Texas and finished ~ they have partnered in fair trade to help those less fortunate, mostly women verry tallented, not enough work for those woman so this way they're going great ~ also note that Magnolia Pearl is made often using vintage fabrics and laces, is often washed and made to look more raggedy and vintage, even aged and tea-stained, that is the look they strive for and is NOT a defect.  Magnolia Pearl is a One Size brand and is made to comfortably fit most sizes......If you need measurements please send a message, always happy to help! Thank you, you took time To read me.....Love and Hugs To You All 

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